PO Box 15807, Chesapeake, VA 23328

My Platform

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is a bulwark against government tyranny. Baxter will protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners and stop attempts by the left to take away this constitutional right.


Having three adult children and four grandchildren, Baxter recognizes the importance of protecting the rights of the unborn. There need to be fewer and not more abortions in Virginia. 15 weeks is an ideal limit, with fair exceptions in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother. He will support legislation that make adoption easier, such as reforming the adoption and foster care system. He also believes in ending taxpayer-funded abortions and those in the third trimester.


Parents deserve to have a say in education. Baxter will stand up to liberal school boards that seek to indoctrinate our kids instead of teaching them math and civics. Divisive ideologies like Critical Race Theory should not be taught to our children and Baxter supports Governor Youngkin’s proposal to prohibit its instruction in schools.


High taxes disincentivize growth and are a burden on Virginia’s residents and economy. With inflation at its highest in 40 years, the last thing Virginia residents need is more money going to the government rather than the people. That’s why Baxter will work to repeal the grocery tax, lower the gas tax and support policies that will put more money back in your pocket.

Supporting Our Veterans

As a former Lieutenant Colonel and 21-year Army veteran, Baxter Ennis will be a great advocate for veterans and their families in Virginia. Baxter has advocated for veterans by serving on the Mayor’s Commission on Veterans Affairs in Chesapeake. He will work with local leaders and fellow legislators to ensure veterans have good-paying jobs, skills training and quality healthcare. He also supports cutting the tax on veterans’ pensions.

Jobs and Opportunities

Virginians have been stifled for too long by excessive taxation and red tape. Baxter will work with local leaders and other legislators to remove problematic regulations to enable economic growth, benefit small businesses and create good-paying jobs.

Standing With Law Enforcement

Our First Responders (Firefighters, Police, EMT) do a great service to our communities and Baxter will ensure they have the funding and support they need. Lowering funding for law enforcement does not help to mitigate the rise in violent crime. The repeated attacks against law enforcement by the left must stop. The parole board must be reformed to improve transparency and the efficiency of the agency. The release of a murderer, rapist or repeat offender should not happen again. Baxter will always back the blue and oppose soft-on-crime policies to improve the safety of our communities.

Helping Small Farmers

Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in Virginia. Farmers work hard to care for our citizens and it’s our duty to ensure they are supported. Like other Virginians, farmers have been affected by inflation. The rising price of fertilizer has also been detrimental for this sector. Tax breaks and the cutting of red tape will enable farmers to operate in the state more effectively. Baxter will help farmers by working to remove unnecessary regulations, advocate for tax relief and tackle inflation.